This is the Lancia Thesis. It has a magnesium centre console. Your argument is invalid.


It's just one of the MindTreats™ found on (English language toggle right up top!), which I refer to as the World's Best Classifieds Site. (Let's save Goo for another day, K?)

I have no formal affiliation with or the people of Europe, except for the one sketchy Canadian IP address that shows up in their server logs. But, whoa, do they have some metal.

*Edit: I removed a bunch of the pictures because it was getting annoying to scroll down.


…More El Caminos than you can shake a Leprechaun flute at. Buick Century Coupe-y thing. Stalin's ZIS. Nissan Juke R. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

You're welcome. What can you find?